Monday, June 21, 2021

Coffee Cup Ramblings and Ridiculous Poetry: Trying new things

Hello, All! 

I'm a little slow at getting this blog post put together today. No real excuse for the delay other than I spent the morning and part of the afternoon with my hubby before he took off for work. We did fun stuff, like drank coffee, worked in the yard, and ate leftover pizza. lol

The theme for this week's post is Trying New Things. Actually, two of the three things listed below I've done in the past, just not recently, so it's more like re-trying them. The third thing is something I've been fascinated with for a while, but never took the time to experience one...until today.


I've wanted a dart board for about a year. Weird, right? I'm not sure where or why I get these ideas. When I bounce them off my husband he smiles and probably thinks, she'll forget about that. Silly rabbit. I recently gave him another subtle hint and voila! We have a dart board mounted on our garage wall. You can tell I need a lot of practice as evidenced by where my darts landed. The first day we played, mine mostly found the floor. At least now I'm hitting the board. 

Another brainstorm I recently had involved a bow and arrow. Hubby laughed. When I raised an eyebrow, he said, "Ohhh, you're serious." For Mother's Day we made a trip to a sporting goods store and guess what we came home with?


Robin Hood's got nothing on me, well, except for a cool hat. 

The bow is youth size, which works for me. I set up a target in our back yard and sling arrows. They usually go everywhere, except where they're supposed to. (Watch out neighbors) Practice makes perfect. One of these days I might hit the bulls eye. #Goals

On to the third thing. Every year when the Kentucky Derby rolls around I mention trying a mint julep. The derby comes and goes. No mint juleps. Well, today, I decided who needs a horse race. I can just make a julep. So I did. 

I seldom drink bourbon. Okay, the truth is, I never drink the stuff. My taste buds are partial to an occasional glass of fermented crushed grapes. But I have to say, the sugar, water, fresh mint, and bourbon combo that made up the mint julep wasn't bad. I can now mark that off my bucket list.

Do you have some things you've been wanting to try or re-try, just for the sake of doing it?  

I know at some point I'll work at least one or more of these things into one of my books. 


My bad poetry awaits you...


I have a bow and arrow, 

yet I'm not Cupid.

I write romance,

that's not disputed. 

My words aim for the heart,

so much better than using darts.   

*Poetry contests are not in my future.* πŸ˜‚

Have a great week!

~ Jan



Monday, June 14, 2021

Coffee Cup Ramblings and Ridiculous Poetry - Romantic Breakfasts


Now that I've snagged your attention with that mouthwatering breakfast picture, good morning! I hope all of you are well and that you're gearing up to have a great week.     

At the moment, a pot of coffee is brewing and the idea for my Monday morning Coffee Cup Ramblings and Ridiculous Poetry has been decided. It was a toss-up between kitchen goddess (which I'm not) or a romantic breakfast. Guess which one I'm going with? 

If you picked breakfast, ding - ding, you're a winner! Your prize? This post. *That's as cheesy as the Colby topping those eggs.*

So a romantic breakfast...

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and when I don't have to cook it, life gets even better. 

Does breakfast in bed come to mind when I say romantic breakfast? Some will give a hearty yes. You can't see me, but I'm shaking my head no.  

In movies, breakfast in bed looks glamorous. In reality, (at least for me) it would be a train wreck. Did I mention I'm not the most coordinated person in the world? If hubby brought me a tray with food and a flower in a small vase, first of all, I'd faint. Secondly, I'd be searching for the napkin because I would've just knocked over the vase. I cringe at the thought of taking a bite of scrambled eggs and half of them landing on the sheets or a sausage link going end over end on the comforter. While I'm poking fun at myself, the scenario is darn accurate. LOL

Don't get me wrong, I still associate romance with breakfast, just in a different setting; one that involves a waiter or waitress and fancy-smancy coffee cups. 

I'm a coffee cup fanatic. If I had room in my kitchen, I'd have cupboards filled with them. Since we also need plates and bowls, space is limited. I digress.

Back to romance and breakfast. For me, breakfast at a restaurant is a special time because hunky hubby and me have great conversations over cups of coffee and plates of eggs. At home, it's hard to tune out the things beckoning to be done and we inevitably hop up from the table for one reason or another. At a restaurant, even a crowded one, we settle in and enjoy each other's company. Sound mushy? Yep, it sure does, but it's also awesome. We drink coffee, focus on us, eat some incredible food, and once in a while play footsie under the table (mostly by accident). What could be more romantic? (Okay there are other ways that are considerably more romantic, but you get my drift. Right?) 

Breakfast with its simplicity and one-on-one time with the love of my life is romantic to me. Is it the same for you with yours? 


Here's what you've been waiting breathlessly for...some really good poetry (cough)...  

A table for two, my heart's all aflutter,

when we sit across from each other with biscuits and butter.

Sometimes it's pancakes and bacon,

but it's eggs we prefer that they be amakin'.

Small talk and romance, as simple as can be,

for me it's breakfast, what is it for thee? 

Did you roll your eyes at the poem? I did. 

I'm working on two different writing projects so I'll be in the writing cave most of the week. Wish me luck. :)

Stay cool and find joy in the little eggs!

Virtual hugs all around,

~ Jan






Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Keeping Kylee - book #2 Texas Boys Falling Fast Series - excerpt

I love this scene from Keeping Kylee. It made me laugh when I wrote it and made me laugh just now as I contemplated posting it.

Kylee's working in a bar and is on a three step ladder. She makes a wrong move and the ladder kicks out from under her. Quinn Randel is there and saves her from hitting the floor. After a few embarrassed moments for Kylee, Quinn gives her space and treks to the coffee pot to pour himself a cup. Kylee goes to the table where two women are celebrating a birthday....

"You ladies ready for a refill?"

One gal grinned from ear to ear. "You okay, hon?"

"I'm fine. I had a klutzy moment. Luckily, I didn't break anything."

The second woman chuckled. "Chantel is just being nosey. We witnessed a whole lot of yummy going on between you and..." She pointed to Quinn, who had his back to them.

"His Royal Highness?" Kylee giggled.

"He's royalty?" The woman's eyes widened.

Kylee smirked. "He thinks he is."

"Ahhh. One of those." Chantel's brown eyes danced with amusement. "We've been burned by a prince or two, haven't we Gloria?"

"We sure have," Gloria jiggled with a laugh. "Be careful, sweetie. He might seem like he's all that, but at the end of the day, he burps and farts like a commoner."

Their wicked senses of humor were exactly what Kylee needed to lighten up. "I love you, ladies."

Chantel patted Kylee's upper arm. "Hate to leave ya alone while his princeliness is here, but we're doing a pub crawl by way of the bus. If we're going to make the next one, we have to get moving." She slid from the booth. "Be on your guard, doll. That prince has too much going for him. Yowza! He has a sweet body." 

*I wanted to make you aware that this story is sweet with romance, but there's also a little spice.* 

If you're interested in reading Keeping Kylee you can find it on my website or on Amazon. 

Jan's website

Keeping Kylee on Amazon

Thank you for popping in to read the excerpt. I hope you enjoyed the humor in the scene. 

~ Jan    

Monday, June 7, 2021

Coffee Cup Ramblings and Ridiculous Poetry: Weeds

 Hello, All...

Monday morning means another Coffee Cup Ramblings and Ridiculous Poetry post. You were rubbing your hands together in eager anticipation, right? (Humor me and say yes!)


While enjoying a cup of hot, steaming, liquid love I pondered what to write about and weeds came to mind. What can I say, I'm a nature geek.   



So weeds...

I think they get a bad rap. They've been called undesirable, aggressive, wild, invasive, annoying, and other words with a negative connotation. Most of the time those descriptors are well deserved, because let's face it - we don't want them in our vegetable gardens, yards, farm fields, and growing willy-nilly around the house. And those who suffer with allergies, weeds can cause all kinds of issues. 

In the proper setting though, weeds can be beautiful, beneficial, helpful, medicinal, and more.    

They're a misunderstood gift. That's what I'm going to key on in this post. 

One overlooked plus about weeds is that some are a seasonal food supply for seed-eating birds. 

Regarding medicinal help, dandelions are edible and can help support liver function, balance hormones, and more. (You can even make wine with them)

Ground ivy is edible too, has anti-inflammatory qualities, and are high in Vitamin C. Once used to treat scurvy, these days you can make an immune boosting tea or tincture.  

Plantain seeds and leaves can be eaten. They're full of vitamins, and  have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory qualities. The leaves can be crushed and used to heal small injuries and insect bites.

(Disclaimer: Do not eat any weeds until you research them. Some weeds are not people friendly, some are not pet friendly.) 

I could list a lot more weeds and their benefits, but I don't want to turn this post into a weed documentary. I just wanted to share my fondness for some types of weeds and highlight their good points.

In the ditch on the north side of our property, I found these beauties. They're called Star of Bethlehem. Cool, eh?

Last but not least, here's something that my neighbor's probably said if they saw me with a spade out at the ditch, "What's she up to now?"

I recently dug out a few milkweed and transplanted them in one of my flower and bush gardens. It's been hot in Ohio, so I probably should've waited for cooler temps to move them, but once I get something in my noggin there's no stopping me. lol  

Butterflies love milkweed. That's my objective - to feed the butterflies once the milkweed bloom. I also have a butterfly bush that's actually a weed. The butterflies go gaga over it. Here's a picture of it from last year, since it hasn't bloomed yet this season.

Before I get to some silly poetry, I wanted to tell you to do a Google search for Strawberry White Clover Cookies recipe. The cookies look tasty and simple to make. I'd love to share the recipe here, but I didn't ask for permission to do so. I may give the recipe a try. If I do, I'll let you know how they turn out.   

Now onto the goofy poetry...

I'm such a geek,

a real nature freak.

I love me some weeds,

and all their seeds.

Flowers and weeds can co-exist,

the mindset that they're a bother we must resist. 

Nature replenishes, even through drought.

If we try to subdue them, they'll find another route.

Give them a chance,

in your gardens let them dance. 

Don't snub your noses at weeds,

in the toughest of times they could supply all our needs.

Another thing to share...

In Keeping Kylee, book #2, page 135 in my Texas Boys Falling Fast Series, I mentioned milkweed. Quinn, Kylee, and friends are at a resort in the Texas hill country. Here's what I said - A few monarch butterflies that hadn't migrated north, congregated on a patch of purposely planted milkweed. 

* See, I even put my fascination for weeds in my stories* 


I'm getting kind of wordy with this post, but I wanted to leave you with one last thought - In some ways we're all a variety of weed: strong, resilient, stubborn, independent, a survivor, helpful, and an often misunderstood gift. 

If you have a moment and want to check out my website, click the link:  Jan's website

Until next week, take good care!

~ Jan