Sunday, March 6, 2016

I'd Rather Be Growing Grapes!

I'D RATHER BE GROWING GRAPES! What an unusual name for a romance novel. I'm sure most of you thought the same thing. The tentative title had been Bachelor No More. As the story and characters developed, I'd Rather Be Growing Grapes grabbed me and wouldn't let go. That may sound a bit melodramatic, but it's true. You'll notice the pink heart on the cover says 'A Romance Novel'. I had Deborah with Tugboat Design add that information so there wouldn't be any confusion. It's a love story, not a guide for growing grapes. *grins*

Written in the vein of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, it is more than just drama and chemistry. It's also about letting go of the past in order to have a future. Beau and Sabrina take part (or rather, were coerced into participating) in a bachelor-to-husband charity fundraiser with all proceeds going to the less fortunate. For that reason alone they couldn't say no even though they feel the chance of finding true love stands at zero. 


As the writer, this book is an experiment to see how readers feel about no actual love scenes. There are a few steamy moments though. If you read Beau and Sabrina's story, would you feel comfortable giving me feedback? I would love to hear any and all comments (negative or positive). I believe your take on things will help me grow as an author. Thank you in advance!

Here's the blurb:

Sabrina Kerrigan is a sassy, independent woman whose fiancé ditched her a week before they were to be married. Since then, she gives all her attention to a backyard filled with flowers and a spindly grape arbor. Her meddling twin, Lilith, thinks Sabrina's had enough time to grieve the relationship that wasn't meant to be. Lil registers her to be one of twenty-one bachelorettes who will vie for one guy's heart in an event called Pick Me. Sabrina is furious at Lil for immersing her in what is sure to be three weeks of nonstop chaos. The only reason she agreed to take part is because the three-thousand dollar entry fee goes to charity. The minute Sabrina arrives at the hotel a  case of mistaken identity sets the chaos in motion.

Millionaire winery owner, Beau Reinholt has had the worst luck with women. He seems to pick those interested in his money not him. His best friend, Marco Santaguida, the director for Pick Me, cons Beau into being this year's bachelor. Beau agrees on one condition - the women aren't to know his true identity until he either falls in love or finds extreme-like with one of the candidates. Everything goes smoothly until he meets Sabrina Kerrigan. She ticks him off right away. She also turns him on. The more Beau tries to focus on the twenty other women the more he's drawn to the one who says she doesn't want any part of him.

Can two wounded people tune out the noise going on around them to listen to their hearts?

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