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Lisette Brodey and Desert Star!

Welcome to my blog, Lisette! It's been a while since you've been here so catch us up to what's going on in your world!

Lisette Brodey

Hi, Jan,

Thanks so much for having me as a guest on your blog again. First, congratulations on your latest book, Taming Tori, in the Texas Boys Falling Fast series.

Aside from writing, I'm always busy at my writers' chateau. I've interviewed some fabulous authors of books in various genres, and a few of them have written some interesting guest blogs. I enjoy the in-depth conversations I have with both indie and mainstream authors about writing, research, publishing, promotion, creativity, and life in general.

You've just released book #2 in your Desert series. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Desert Star is book 2 in my YA paranormal trilogy. Like book 1, Mystical High, it is set in Mystekal, a small town in the southern California desert. As in all of my books, there is more than just one story going on, though each enhances the other. For the sake of brevity, I can tell you that the main story is that of Larsen Davis, a 17-y/o senior who is not only being bullied at school for being gay, but also at home by his own mother, Raylene. When classmate River Dalworth witnesses the abuse and intervenes, the two seniors become good friends.

When Larsen meets River's mother, Arielle, and learns she is overseeing the renovation of the Desert Theater, he shares his dream for a career on stage. Soon, Arielle offers Larsen a job as her assistant, but his mother, Raylene, is dead set against the idea of her son doing what she considers "gay work." After Raylene gets a new boyfriend, Reggie, the bad situation at home worsens and Larsen has no choice but to leave.

Now working at the Desert Theater, Larsen feels the unearthly presence of someone in the long-abandoned theater. Meanwhile, as the theater nears completion, a talent show is scheduled for opening night. As it becomes more evident that the theater may have a ghost, it also comes to light that someone may be sabotaging the renovation and the show. Is the ghost real or just the handiwork of someone with a grudge?

Opening night at the Desert Theater sets the stage for a crime, never-imagined reunions, long-awaited explanations, and otherworldly miracles.


     River was just leaving school for the day when Gina caught up to him. "Hi there, River."

     "Oh, hi, Gina."

     "I was just wondering..."

     "What? If I'm as good-looking close up as I am from a distance?"

     Gina giggled. "Well, maybe."

     Just as River was about to respond, Larsen appeared at his side. "Sorry to interrupt. I was wondering if I could speak to you for a minute. Before you head home."

     Gina looked disappointed. "Guess I'll talk to you another time, River."

     "Sure thing." River turned to Larsen as Gina walked away. "Let's go outside and hang a left. I think they spray for bullies there."

     "Ha! I think they do. Thanks, Riv."

     As soon as they walked around to the side of the school, Larsen leaned against the wall and exhaled. "Man, it's been a bad day."

     "I'm really sorry about Jax and Antonio."

     "They cornered me right after Ms. Carrow's class."

     "Sucks, dude. Sorry I wasn't there."

     "Listen, River. I wanted to thank you for standing up for me. People rarely do. I wasn't so sure Jax wasn't going to punch you out."

     "I wasn't worried."

     "I really appreciate what you did. I just don't want you to get caught up in my nightmare."

     River shook his head. "No. It's everyone's nightmare when nobody stops bullies."

     "I sure wish more people felt like you did. Wish they had your courage. I should be able to stop them without any help."

     "Reinhardt's a big guy. Antonio is a body builder. We all need a little help now and then. Just try to go home and chillax."

     Larsen looked down and kicked the dirt. "Home. That's a joke. I'm gonna tell you something, Riv, because I know I can trust you." 

     "You can. What's up?"

     "Let's just say that being at school is better than being at home most of the time. And considering I've got two jerks bullying me, that doesn't say much, does it?"

      River looked dumbfounded. "School is better than home? What's going on?"

     "I've got a mother who's the biggest bully of them all."

     "Your mom bullies you for being gay?"

     "That's about right."

Mystical High - Book #1 in the Desert series

Are you working on book #3 in the series? Care to share a few tidbits?

Yes, I am. I'm notoriously closemouthed in talking about details of my novels that aren't finished or published, but I can tell you that book 3 will be the most romance-oriented book of the series.

With the publishing world recreating itself, as a seasoned author, do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring authors?

Well, Jan, there's a lot I could say on this topic, but I'll just keep it to three pieces of advice.

1.  Write what you are passionate about, not what someone else tells you could be a "hot seller."

2.  Take your time to write and rewrite. If you rush to self-publish or prematurely submit to an agent, you'll regret it. Very likely, you wouldn't take a half-cooked meal out of the oven before it was finished just because you were hungry so don't do the same with your book.

3.  Have your book professionally edited. That said, anyone can call him or herself an editor and not have the skills to back it up. Be sure to read something that person has edited and have a small bit of your work edited so that you can see if it's a good match. Check out the person's credentials carefully. Simply having a friend or family member who is "good with English" isn't the same thing as having a qualified, experienced editor.

Thanks again for having me as your guest, Jan. It's been great!

It's always a joy to have you here, Lisette! Come back anytime.

Lisette's writing buddy, Bentley! 

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Monday, November 24, 2014


I'm so tickled and honored to be part of The Wild Rose Press's Twelve Brides of Christmas series!!

My part of the series is titled, BIG ON CHRISTMAS!!

Here's the blurb:

Born to free-spirited, convention-shucking parents, Cassie Newman thirsts for normal. Leaving L.A. with a secret, she finds herself in Woodstock, Vermont - a town rich with Christmas tradition. She's not big on Christmas but Woodstock feels like the perfect fit. Landing a job with Stennett's Hardware, she tries to forget the world she knew, but Luke Stennett's small-town charm makes her even more aware of the life she never had.

Luke Stennett has his hands full with running the store and caring for his dad. He's attracted to Cassie but he doesn't have time for a relationship. Things are starting to go right but he harbors a secret of his own that has the potential to turn everything upside down. 

Once their secrets are revealed, will it kill the chemistry and send Cassie back to L.A.? Or will she fight for her happiness and stay firmly planted in a place big on Christmas?

To celebrate, I'm giving away some prizes.  Everyone is eligible to participate. All you have to do to be entered in the drawings is to leave a comment below. Winning names will be drawn on Wednesday morning (Nov. 26th) at 9:00 a.m. (EST) 

Here are the prizes to be given away: 

2 - $10 Amazon Gift cards
2 - Necklaces that I bought in Tennessee this summer especially for this drawing
1 - Sonomo Necklace
1 - Origami Necklace

* Every winner will also get a box of chai tea. Why? Because I'm silly that way and because my heroine in the story, Cassie Newman, drinks chai.

Good luck to all of you!