Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Close your eyes...

Recently I had the joy of finishing and publishing book #16. At the same time I had an epiphany about stepping back a bit or pushing away from the keyboard now and then. It's easy to get so entrenched in busy work that we forget to take a few minutes to refresh and recharge.

With that in mind, I've been making an effort to occasionally sit in silence and listen with my eyes closed. It's amazing the things you can pick up on when you disconnect from one of your senses and let another take over. 

I listened to the birds outside my window. They were having a conversation, I assume with other birds. They had a language all their own. It was loud but melodic. 

While watching and listening to the news the other day, I lowered my eyelids and tuned out the content of what was being said to concentrate on the rich timbre of the news anchor's voice. It was smooth and masculine. His confidence and intelligence came through loud and clear. I thought he'd make a great narrator for an audio book. 

Along that same line, I did the same exercise while enjoying my current favorite song, Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. My eyelashes fluttered closed and I was transported to my happy place with the slow strums of the guitar, the rhythm of the drums and romantic nuances in the artist's tone. 

We process so much in a days' time with our eyes that it's good to give them a break now and then; if only for a few minutes. In doing so, it'll help you relax. Perhaps you'll hear a unique kind of beauty you might have otherwise missed.