Monday, September 30, 2013

Sharing my passion for writing!

I recently had the pleasure of being one of seven authors who spoke at the Putnam County Library in Ottawa, Ohio. We shared our writing experiences, talked about our books, offered tips to aspiring writers, and signed books.

Writing stories and creating characters is amazing! Meeting fans and discussing those stories and characters is out of this world!! 

Of all the men on the planet, why him?

Kiss Me!

Lacy pounded the steering wheel. "It doesn't matter." Salty tears burned her eyes but she swiped them away before they streamed down her cheeks.
As far as she was concerned, Jared Kelly could step in front of a bus. So could Angela. Maybe the two of them could hold hands while they stepped in front of a bus.
Slumping against the back of the car seat, the painful truth slinked in. You did this. You're to blame for everything. Not them. The admission didn't set well. And it was a good thing the windows were up because the half-groan, half-moan would've scared anyone walking by. But the old saying that the truth hurts was dead-on. It hurt more than Jared's rebuke of her. It was certainly more disturbing than Angela always trying to trip her up. She was the sole architect of her woes. Stupid things kept happening because she let them happen. And all she had to do to confirm it was to recall what happened the second she came home. She went whacky over the first guy she came in contact with -- a cop. Of course, he couldn't be any cop. This one wrote her a ticket...and dated her sister.
Her inner critic tried to sort it all out. Why him? Of all the men on the planet, why him?
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