Monday, July 27, 2015

Author Spotlight - SHARON SARACINO

I've recently had the pleasure of reading the 3rd book in the Max Logan series and thought I'd spotlight, Sharon Saracino and the main character of the series, the incredible Maxine "Max" Logan. 

Don't you just love when an author breathes life into a character in such a way that the character feels real? It takes considerable talent and the ability to fully know who that character is. In this series, Max is a self-deprecating woman trying to find her balance now that she's divorced. A lack of balance, however - by way of a slip in the shower - starts the action. Max's world spins out of control but her quick wit and snarky attitude propels the story and kept me reading to find out what she'd get herself into next. The 3 books are filled with funny one-liners, tender moments, and there's serious love at stake. 

Sharon put a paranormal spin on things that also held my interest. While the titles include the word 'death', Max's journey to happily-ever-after isn't based on grief, but rather the opposite - pulling herself up and allowing her heart to find love again, despite some unusual circumstances.

Here's a bit about Sharon --

She's a Certified Registered Rehabilitation Nurse who lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, son, and two loveable dogs. When she's not caring for her patients and family, or writing incredible stories, she can be found enjoying photography and genealogy. Oh, and she likes to brew limoncello. (If you check out her blog I believe you'll find a recipe for limoncello) Intrigued by Italy, she's visited twice and dreams of one day making it her home.

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