Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A small excerpt from TAMING TORI

TAMING TORI is book #3 in my Texas Boys Falling Fast Series. I wanted to shared a small excerpt with you so you know a little about Tori Caye's character and a little about Jake Garrison's.

     "Are you angry with me, Jake?"

     "What? No." Tori's line of cleavage kept getting longer. Any second now, those magnificent breasts would escape the thin piece of elastic holding them undercover. At the very least, a nipple would see the light of day. He tried not to follow the action, but his eyes had a will of their own.

     "Then why do you keep backing away? I don't have bubonic plague or the flu."

     A laughed formed in Jake's chest. He lowered his head so she wouldn't see the smile kinking the corners of his mouth. 

     "Seriously, I don't." The sob in her voice made him meet her eyes.

     "Tori, all these years you treated me like I had the plague."

     "No I didn't."

     Jake wouldn't argue the point. "I need another beer. He took a step away from the table."

     Tori darted in front of him and messed with the lapels of his tux. "I may have kept you at an arm's length in the past. I no longer want to." Placing her palms hard against his rib cage, she looked up at him through slow, calculated blinks. "I could use a friend."

     Don't get sucked in! Jake repeated it twice in his head. He needed to say it out loud. If his ears heard the advice, exercising caution might actually happen and the chance of being pulled deeper into her melodramatic existence would be minimal. The window of opportunity slammed shut when she moved in so close he could feel her body heat. 

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