Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Celebrating the release of TAMING TORI with some great prizes!

At my age it isn't wise to do cartwheels and somersaults, so I'll just have to loudly shout, "Woohoo!" 

Today, TAMING TORI (Book #3 in my Texas Boys Falling Fast series - Jake's story) is officially released! 

To celebrate I'm giving away some awesome prizes! All you have to do for a chance to win, is leave a comment here or on Facebook. I will draw the winning names on Saturday, November 1st at noon (EST).   

3 - $10 Amazon gift cards
2 - $15 Subway gift cards
1 - pair of Monet sparkly earrings
1 - pair of Lia Sophia twinkle earrings

Blurb for Taming Tori:

Jake Garrison is an all-around nice guy who tries to stay out of the limelight despite being considered one of Dallas's most eligible and wealthy bachelors. He's down-to-earth and a quiet people-pleaser until someone pushes his buttons. Tori Caye not only pushes his buttons, she pulls him into her special kind of chaos with tears and those sexy amber eyes.

Tori Caye is a mean-girl debutante whose sense of entitlement exhausts even those close to her. After her fiance of two years calls off their engagement, she throws herself into the arms of Jake Garrison and tries to manipulate him while trying to maintain her uppity disposition.

The attraction between Jake and Tori is off-the-charts, but it's game-on when he thinks he can tame Tori and when Tori tries to bend him to her will. 

** Jake and Tori's story was fun to write, although I have to admit to some hair-pulling moments. In my mind, Jake's character was solid; Tori's not so much. She was a handful! In their story, Tori starts out as someone you'd like to put in a headlock or trip as she walks by. Slowly, she redeems herself. But...don't expect a complete transformation because she is who she is. When you're born with a silver spoon in your mouth and treated like royalty from birth, realistically, you're only going to change so much.** 


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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I've got to hand it to you...

I've wanted to do a blog post for a while on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. With my hands a little stressed from finishing my latest novel, TAMING TORI (book #3 in my Texas Boys Falling Fast series), I thought now would be a good time.

 (Hand model, Kerri Unverferth-Romes)

We use our hands all day, every day. Sometimes the things we do are repetitive, which puts us at greater risk for CTS. 

You can reduce your risk by taking a few simple steps.

1. Exercise keeps our muscles strong.

2. Stretching keeps our muscles flexible.

3. Arrange your work space to be more ergonomic.

4. Proper body mechanics. Don't slouch. If your shoulders roll forward you can compress nerves in your neck which can affect your arms, wrists, and hands.

5. Take frequent breaks. 

6. Relax your grip. 

7. Slowly roll your wrist 10 times in each direction. (You might feel a slight popping) This will help put mobility and circulation back in your wrist.

8. Use one hand to gently pull your fingers back on the other hand - not to the point they hurt.

9. Press your hand down to a 90 degree angle - again, not to the point it hurts.

10.) If you use a keyboard keep it at elbow height or slightly lower.

(A more aged hand, belonging to

Signs of possible carpal tunnel syndrome -- tingling, numbness, weakness or pain in the fingers, thumb, or hand and occasionally spreading up the arm. These symptoms occur where there is pressure on the median nerve. 

Sometimes the symptoms are temporary. If they linger, see your doctor to prevent permanent damage.

Be kind to your hands and wrists by giving them a break from time to time! 

** disclaimer -- I'm in no way associated with the medical community. The information in this post are tidbits I've collected either through reading or conversations. ** 

Coming soon!