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Danna is a quirky character!

Danna is quirky! There's really no other way to describe her. She's colorful in the way she talks, the way she dresses, and in most other areas of her life too. Danna loves to cook and loves to eat. She's a full-figured gal who's comfortable in her skin. At twenty-seven, she's ready to find her perfect mate and is ready to settle down.

You'd think living on a popular island with nonstop tourists, she'd finally run into Mr. Right. Not the case. All she seems to run into is desks and other furniture. Did I mention she's a bit of a klutz? 

Here's an excerpt that will reveal a little more about Danna's personality:  (This is a conversation with her best friend Erin at the hotel where they're attending the wedding of their co-worker Meg)

Elevating her foot, Danna placed the ice across her toe, and draped the towel over it. Relaxing against the back of the chair, she murmured, "He must think I'm loony."

"Who thinks you're loony?"

Danna startled from the sudden presence of Erin. "Holy moly!" She threw her hands out for effect. "Don't sneak up on a person! If I'd been chewing gum, I would've choked on it and you'd have to give me the Heimlich maneuver."

"Not all of us clomp like a camel to alert the world we're on the move."

"I don't clomp like a camel."

"A Clydsedale then. 'I promise I won't be gone long'," Erin mocked. "While you were in here sopping up cool air, I was outside roasting in the heat, babysitting your drink, and guarding your handbag. I assumed when you didn't come back you bumped into someone you knew." Erin sat their drinks down and dropped the handbag into Danna's lap.

"I didn't bump into anyone. I bumped into a desk."

Amusement instantly hit Erin's expression. "You didn't?"

The question was rhetorical and not out of line. "I'm as graceful as they come. Not." If there was a coffee table, lamp table, sofa leg, or desk anywhere near, she'd find it with her toe. "I couldn't take turns injuring the opposite toe. I had to jam the same one as I did when I slammed into Meg's desk a while back."

Erin lifted the towel. "You have ice."

"Thanks to LaRee."

"Who's LaRee."

Danna gestured to the desk. "The guy in the red suit jacket. Kind of cute, right?"

"The jacket? Or the guy?"

"You're a funny girl, Erin?"

"Hey, with you, I never know."

Colorful clothing, overlarge sunglasses, handbags big enough to hold everything including the kitchen sink, and shoes to complement each outfit brought Danna joy. She owed it all to her beloved grandmother who had taken care of her for years while her parents worked. On those precious occasions, her gram introduced her to feathered boas, floppy sunhats with all kinds of designs, pearl necklaces, rhinestone broaches, fancy shoes, dresses with loud colors and lace. She went all gushy inside at the memory of her gram saying, 'Wear colorful clothes whenever you can, Danna. You'll stand out in a crowd. Bright colors are supposed to boost feel-good hormones.' At the time, Danna had no idea what hormones were, but she hung on every word the sweet matriarch of her family uttered. Gone too soon, Danna kept her spirit alive with a fondness for all things bold and beautiful. "The guy, silly."

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MEG is book #1 in the series

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  1. This is such a delightful book; Danna is a wonderful character. I really hope readers will enjoy meeting her as much as I did! :)