Saturday, November 18, 2017

Only one way to be - Big On Christmas!

I loved writing this story! ♥ There are a few subplots within it that made my heart smile! 

* In this scene, Cassie is making homemade ornaments and taking care of Luke's father, to give Luke time away from the responsibility. His dad had drawn inward after his wife (Luke's mom) passed away a year earlier. He hasn't spoken since.* 

"You have a lot to be proud of, William. You raised a hard-working, kindhearted son." She nudged him with her forearm. "Not to mention he's so good looking I can barely breathe when he's around." She chuckled at the notion that the elder Stennett was storing everything she said for future use. "Do you want to know the reason I had a shovel in the car?" She spilled a container of beads. Kneeling to pick them up, she looked at William and winced. "For protection."

William coughed and set his eyes on her for the tiniest of moments.

Did she get through? Her heart jumped in her chest. His expression was still a blank slate so it was probably a fluke that he made eye contact. "One of these days you're going to be a human diary and expose all my secrets. That's okay. If it means you're back in Luke's life, you can tell the world that I'm a technology heiress who had a shovel in her car to ward off possible paparazzi. They probably won't believe you because I'm not fancy or swanky by any stretch of the imagination. I like blue jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. I'm a misplaced soul, of sorts. I have a ton of money that I didn't earn and I'm in Vermont trying to find myself. Weird huh?"

♥ If you'd like to read this heartwarming Christmas story and find out more about how Cassie Newman and Luke Stennett get their happy-ever-after, you can find it on Amazon ♥


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