Thursday, June 15, 2017

Author James Moushon joins me today!

I read and write romance and women's fiction, but I love to dive into other genres as well. One of those genre's involves Mystery, Murder, Intrigue, and Politics! And who better to supply all four? Author James Moushon.

About James...

James Mouson is a Mystery writer and Author Advocate. Starting over 15 years ago, he helped lead the startup of the electronic forms industry in the creation, conversion and usage of electronic forms by supplying that industry with a continuing source of published literature, software products and training seminars.

In 2003, James changed his focus to ebooks and their development. The result is an incredible list of creativity:

Jonathon Stone Mystery Novels
Black Mountain Secrets
Game of Fire
The Cajun Ghost
Jonathan Stone Mystery Short Stories
Operation Alpha Dog, a collection of short stories
Operation No Sanctuary

* All featuring CIA Agent Jonathon Stone.

James is currently wearing two hats. He's a mystery writer and a book publishing blogger. When he says he's an Author Advocate, he means it. He's always there helping his fellow authors shine. You can find his blogs at:

The blog's purpose is to help author's get exposure in the book publishing industry. He has interviewed and showcased over 600 authors to date. 

You might also want to check out his:

The HBS Mystery Reader's Circle provides information about the latest novels and what is coming next from a collection of bestselling and outstanding authors in the mystery, thrillers, historical fiction and crime genre.

James doesn't stop there. He also features the:

The Corner is a collection of Author advice and studies including marketing, social media and other major topics created to help writers in today's ever-changing world of book publishing.

He's spent the majority of his adult life developing computer systems and thinking about writing mysteries. James has put all those great thoughts into books for our enjoyment. 

He has a summer short story series, with book #1 - Operation No Sanctuary available now and at a great price - 99 cents. You can find it here:


A gang war erupts in East LA between neighborhood gangs and the notorious MS-13 gang from San Salvador and a Mexican cartel from Tijuana is right in the middle of the conflict. CIA Agent Jonathon Stone is assigned the operation. He joins a crime task force to try to stop the violence and capture the cartel leaders. Along with FBI Agent Jodi Shannon, he pursues the elusive Raul Romero, the cartel kingpin who he has been after for a decade.

Drug trafficking, gang shootings and politics all play a role as Jonathon battles the sanctuary city LA which seems to protect the innocent and the guilty. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for the other books in this series. You can do that by hitting the 'Follow' button on James' Amazon Author Page and you'll get a notice when the next book is published:

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