Saturday, May 20, 2017

Loving Lindy - 7 sentences

I was recently combing through some stored Word documents and ran across this...

7 Sentences from LOVING LINDY.  

These sentences made me snicker when I wrote them and just now too. They're from a humorous scene in the book, but also a tender one. 

     "You want me to do what?" Lindy swallowed a chunk of asparagus at the same time she asked for clarification. She gasped and clutched the arms of the chair when the asparagus stuck in her throat.
     Gunther yanked her up and wrapped his arms around her from behind.  He placed his fists just above her navel and with quick upward thrusts dislodged the asparagus. It torpedoed into the fire.
     Lindy was embarrassed all the way to her core. She stood trembling for more reasons than having her life flash before her eyes.

In this scene, Gunther delivered a wild request and it caught Lindy by surprise. Have you ever had someone ask something so bizarre they startled you to where you knocked over your drink? Fell off the side of your chair? Or choked on asparagus? (Probably not, but hey, in my mind this stuff happens. *Grins*) 

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