Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life Is Like A Game of Cards!

This recent post on Facebook made me laugh, but it made me think.

(Quote of the day...Marriage is like a deck of the beginning all you need is two hearts and a the end you wish you had a club and a spade)

Life can mirror a card game. It can be a gamble. Filled with high stakes. Cut-throat competition. Or heart pumping excitement. It’s filled with rules you don’t always fully understand until you’ve played a hand or two. You get whomped when you mess up or play out of turn. Sometimes you bid and get all the tricks, sometimes you get set.

Like cards, life is a constant shuffle. It can be a fast moving game of chance. You’re dealt a hand and are expected to do something with it.

Sometimes your life includes a partner. He can be a king or she can be a queen. Sometimes they’re just a joker. If you’re lucky, an ace.

When love enters, it’s a game-changer. It’s still about the thrill of winning, but the stakes are different. Hearts come into play. There’s less clubbing. And eventually there could be a diamond.

Those who choose to play solitaire use a different strategy. It’s up to them to make the right move.

No matter what kind of cards you play, the challenge is the same – make the most of the cards you have, or draw from the deck and see what’s in store for you.

My card game keeps changing. Some days it’s Hearts. Since I have eight siblings there are days I play Crazy Eights (sorry, sibs, couldn’t resist). Then there’s those days that feel like 52-card-pick-up!!

What game best describes your life?

Poker, Slap Jack, Hearts, Solitaire, Kings on the corner, 3-card brag, 7-up, Crazy Eights, Euchre, Gin, Bridge, Rummy, Screw Your Neighbor, or 52-card pick up?