Saturday, May 20, 2017

And those lips... (small snippet from Keeping Kylee)

From KEEPING KYLEE (book #2 in my Texas Boys Falling Fast series)

Kylee puffed out a small breath. She would never understand men. They were complicated and frustrating and she was of the strict opinion that every last one of them qualified as a pain in the butt. Her father was a huge pain who broke away from the family to start a new life with a much younger woman. Asher Hutten, the man who fathered Kylee's three-year old daughter Gabbi, definitely was a pain. Without reading all the things printed in the newspapers about Quinn Randel, her instincts pegged him to be a pain too; a dangerous one with blue-grey eyes capable of stripping her naked with just a glance. All three men were well-known skirt-chasers. Two of the three had already turned her life upside down. Quinn's remarkable blue-grey orbs said he'd do it too if given the chance. The steamy looks passing between them promised paradise between the sheets, nothing more. She quietly scoffed, "Been there, done that. With Asher." Maybe she should be upfront with Quinn and let him know that he stood an ice cube's chance at the equator of hooking up with her. No way could she risk her heart and sanity with another meaningless liaison, especially with someone who would toss her aside before he put his clothes back on. Kylee tried not to stare but the man lassoed her attention the second he entered the reception hall. It was hard not to stare at the infamous millionaire. Quinn Randel was drop-dead handsome. There was no other way to describe him. Mischief and lust radiated from his every pore. And those lips...

* I just love Kylee and Quinn's story because just about every girl who has ever struggled emotionally over her bad decisions and wrestled with her finances to make ends meet, has daydreamed about hooking up with a guy who can fix everything. At the same time, if that guy can work wonders with your life, he still might be a risk to your heart. Do you take the chance? Or keep him at arm's length in the name of self-preservation? 

If you'd like to check out how Kylee deals with Quinn and vice versa...


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