Saturday, June 1, 2013

One false move...

Happy to share a small snippet from -

Adrenaline pumped through Jessi with as much velocity as gale force winds and she got an instant headache. While she rubbed her temples she did some erratic pacing from the back door to the front door to the bathroom, waiting for the slightest sound that would indicate she was under siege. The same helpless feeling that plagued her in New York had returned. The only difference was instead of being surrounded by millions of New Yorkers, she was isolated on a lonely stretch of beach where no one would stumble across her until the stench of decomposition attracted attention. A worse thought played across her mind – what if Ian and the fancy pants thug turned her into a shark snack? Oh God! She thought about her parents. While they drove her up a wall with their constant bickering, she still loved them and didn’t want them to suffer the pain of losing their only child.

Well, she wouldn’t go down easy. She wrung her hands and tried to come up with a brilliant plan.

She needed an equalizer.

A quick rummage through the kitchen drawers produced a mountain of plastic spoons.  Great. Ian Alexander and his accomplice better watch out. One false move and they’d be pulling plasticware from their ribs. Jessi groaned.
If you'd like to read more about Jessi and Ian, you can find their story here:


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