Wednesday, June 26, 2013

If he wanted to play this silly game...

A fun snippet from:

(Alexis is filling in as a masseuse at her friend's matchmaking ranch for busy professionals to make some extra money. Gray is an overworked advertising executive that has paid big bucks to meet the woman of his dreams. Neither of them counted on meeting the one person who would turn their life upside down.)
Goose bumps coated her arms, and the chill was enough to snap her out of the lust haze. The bastard was doing a striptease of sorts, and while it thrilled her, it also ticked her off. If he thought he could turn her on and get lucky, he was dead wrong. "When you're done dillydallying with your clothes, hop on the table and let's get this thing underway."
Gray's laugh was hearty and filled with more confidence than any one person should have. "Do you have to be somewhere?"
Anywhere but here. "Just get moving, pokey." Mild insults wouldn't get her in trouble with Tish and Jeb, and it would keep her interest for him at bay. Hopefully.
Gray stepped out of his boxers and Alexis tried not to look at the forbidden zone. She handed him a warm towel. To her dismay, he dropped the towel at the end of the massage table.
Okay. If he wanted to play this silly game of look-at-me, then game on.
The Gift of Gray is a fun, heart warming story about finding love when you least expect it.
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