Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Obvious/Not So Obvious - Part 2

Sometimes we inspire people when we have no idea it's happening. Earlier this month, I did a blog post about obvious beauty and not-so-obvious beauty. I showed it to my husband as always. A couple days later he came to me with the camera and we scrolled through some pictures he'd taken. He said, 'My version of obvious/not-so-obvious'! Thought I would share a sampling of his pictures:

It was one of those foggy mornings where the moisture coated the trees and the spider webs. In this first picture, the web looks like strings of pearls!

In this second picture the web is clearly defined!

Starting to see a pattern! My husband has a love for spider webs!

And he has a fascination for spiders! This bad boy had really long, scary looking legs!

Beauty through the camera lens! (Yes, another spider web)

Ah ha! No spider web! A lovely sunset over our pond!

This is an awesome picture! Looks like we have trees growing in our pond.
There were so many great photos to pick from, I've shared just a few.
Have a lovely autumn wherever you are!


  1. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. Your husband is truly talented.

    1. Michelle! :-)) He does seem to have an eye for discovering unusual beauty! I think he's found his niche! Thanks so much for checking out the pic's. I showed DH your comment & he smiled big! Giant hug, Jan

  2. Replies
    1. Deb :-)) I like them all, but the spider webs make me grin. Thanks for popping in!! Hugs!!

      Have a great week,