Monday, February 13, 2012

Soapy thoughts!

We all have a place where we go to think! Mine is the bathroom...ahem...more specifically, the shower! My muse loves water and shampoo :-)  Now if someone will invent a waterproof computer I'll be all set!!

Anyway, since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I wanted to think of a snazzy post about love and chocolate - but the typical Hallmark sentiments and thoughts about candy wouldn't come. Instead, a different kind of Valentine thought took a hold of me and I guess I'm meant to share it. (Warning: this post could get corny. If you're not a fan of corny, rush to the exit... :D  )

Here goes: Instead of the typical Valentine's Day where we give candy and cards, or make a fabulous meal for our sweetie, what if we made someone else's day special - someone completely unknown to us? I'm talking about your favorite charity! Or food pantry! Perhaps your local soup kitchen or thrift store. If you aren't in the position to make a monetary donation or food donation, how about a gift of your time? If you prefer to do something earthy, maybe spend the day picking up litter or recycling. (Include your spouse or significant other so it can be a joint Valentine's effort)

Keep love in your hearts on Valentine's Day and all year long!

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  1. Nice idea. I kind of like chocolate and flowers, but I'm willing to share. How about books to a retirement or nursing home? Blankets to the animal shelter?

    Interesting cover too. I want to know about the badge.