Monday, October 19, 2015

Even a "Meh" can be good!

Regarding leaving a book review...

I'm on quite a few writing loops and one thing comes up often - the lack of book reviews. My take on the subject is that many readers don't wish to leave a review because it makes them feel like they're back in school and they have to write a book report. A few readers are happy to share what they liked, didn't like, what worked, what needed some depth, which emotions (if any) the author was able to draw from them with the story. That's wonderful feedback! Reviews don't have to be long. They can be a few words. Regardless of length, each review is as good as gold - even the ones that say the story was "Meh!" Yep! Even the not-so-good reviews help an author. They keep us grounded and possibly make us a better writer in the long run.

Regarding the rating given to a book... 

As a reader, do you only navigate to stories that have four or five star ratings? I don't. I consider books to be like movies when it comes to ratings. Some movies that are ripped to shreds by film critics, I find enjoyable. On the flip side, some films given two-thumbs up, aren't my cup of tea. The same goes for books. I read the blurb and sometimes an excerpt before I choose to read or not read.

Regarding well-known authors...

A certain author (who shall remain nameless) had and is still having quite a bit of success with what has been called mommy-porn. If you look at the reviews and ratings for her trilogy - both good and bad - the numbers will blow you away. Did the number of reviews play a huge part in her success. Yeah, buddy, they did! 

If you're not comfortable leaving a review under your name (and that's fine if you're not)...

Did you know you can change your screen name in Amazon to leave a review simply as an Amazon Customer or other name of your choosing? You surely can. When you're in your Amazon account, click the review button. At the top right hand corner you'll get the option to change your name. Again, if posting anonymously is how you'd rather do it, we're good with that.

This may sound corny but...

YOU have magic in your fingertips! Make good things happen for the authors who try their best to help you escape reality with their hard work!


Muahhhhhh! (You've been blog-kissed!) 




  1. Love the title of your post, Jan, and also this sentence: "you have magic in your fingertips!"

    As usual, you added delight to my day while offering up a bowl full of sound perspective!

    1. Dody, you're an awesome friend! xo ❤️😀