Sunday, January 19, 2014



     Ty tapped the side of his plate while he contemplated exactly what was happening between him and Maggie. He got the distinct feeling he made her nervous. She had a profound effect on him too, other than the obvious physical effect that was difficult to hide. Maggie disturbed his thoughts and senses. The dark-haired little vixen had him thinking about serious relationships. She had him modifying his who-the-hell-cares pattern of behavior he'd adopted over the past year. She had him imagining her in a sexy belly dancing outfit. Maggie was taking him out of his game. Not that he had a lot of game. What he did have, he wanted to keep. He would be wise to think less about her incredible body and how she set him on fire with her kisses, and think more about convincing his skeptics that he was fit to run Vincent Oil. Some of the Board members viewed him as weak, while others saw him as a clone of his grandfather; a clone with bastard tendencies like their current CEO, but one who had taken an emotional hit that set him back a bit. He wanted to maintain the opinion of those who faith in him and repair the judgment of those who didn't. Vincent Oil Company needed strong leadership; someone tough as nails, someone with kahoonies the size of boulders, someone settled but not weakened by love. He snickered at how he'd gone from not wanting to play by someone else's rules, to wanting to prove he was ready to take charge. All kinds of revelations were creeping up on him. One in particular involved Maggie. Tonight he would show Dallas his bride-to-be. He'd peck her on the mouth, lift her hand in a tender kiss and repeatedly lean into her. He might even smack her on the bottom. He wouldn't have to prod the rich and powerful to take to Maggie, because his fiancée was quite capable of winning them over on her own. Maggie was kind and graceful. Beautiful and intelligent. Witty and upbeat. She was also loveable. He hung on that thought. Maggie was loveable and it would kill him to behave badly toward the end of the evening. As agreed upon, he and Maggie would split in six months, so tonight he had to do something -- nothing too drastic -- that most folks wouldn't pick up on right away, but later would say 'Oh yeah. Now I remember...' He needed to provide a subliminal hint of impending doom. Perhaps he should engage in some open but harmless flirting. Or hug a former lover a little too tightly. When he and Maggie's marriage fell apart, his somewhat-dodgy behavior would come back to haunt him. There would be whispers; necessary rumors to make people side with Maggie when she walked away. He had to be seen as the bad guy.

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