Saturday, November 2, 2013

He tried not to notice that she was pretty - in a wild child, kind of way!

One of my favorite things about writing is creating characters! I'd like to share with you Maxwell August's description of Libby Griffin -- from my latest release, MR. AUGUST
He tried not to notice that she was pretty -- in a wild child kind of way. Her long eyelashes were thick with mascara and her eyelids were lined so they swooped at the end. He wasn't fond of eye goop, but he had to admit, the dramatic look wasn't bad. His attention moved to the hand that was splayed across her chest. No ring. Great chest. He sighed. Why was he taking note of anything about the woman? He wasn't interested, nor did he want to be.
He tried to tune back into the conversation but his eyes caught the thin, black leather choker around her neck. He'd seen some thin leather bands at her wrists too. She looked like a free spirit, untamed and alternative, but there was softness in her voice and mannerisms. And dammit to hell and back, he found it all sexy, including the bizarre pink streaks in her hair.
** I loved writing Libby Griffin. She's different all the way around from the heroines I normally write. I had fun with her and Maxwell. Both are about as far from perfect as you can get but they found perfect love...eventually. ** 
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  1. Sounds wonderful, Jan, as all your books are! Will definitely add it to my to-read list as soon as I finish your other new book, The Christmas Contract! Wish I had more time to read! Good luck with both new books!