Friday, April 5, 2013

I Bet You Didn't Know...

So often we only show the business-side of us, concentrating mostly on promotion and marketing our books. I thought it would be fun to do a 'tag-it' blog where we reveal our personal side. Since I'm initiating this type of tag-you're-it communication, I thought I would do the first one about me so everyone knows how it goes!

(Yep! It's me!)

I bet you didn't know...
1.) That I have an aversion to sweet potatoes. In some of my stories, my characters do too. *grins* (Official apology to those folks who grow sweet potatoes for a living -- it's nothing personal about your fine crop. Just saying!)
2.) I once wrote lyrics for John Mellencamp. (He just wasn't aware of it! ha ha)
3.) Big city driving turns me into a basket-case.
4.) Unlike many people, I love watching commercials. (I currently laugh my butt off at the AT & T commercials with Beck Beckett and the little kids; most especially the one where the little girl talks about werewolves. LOL!)
5.) Neil Diamond was my husband in another life. (He probably doesn't know it though. If he's reading this blog -- as many celebs do *cough* -- he is probably saying..."I thought she looked familiar"!!) Just kidding folks! My heart belongs to Bill!
6.) I'm an NCIS fanatic!
7.) I think intelligence and a sense of humor are sexy!
8.) I'm a dancing fool! (I'm not good at it, but it doesn't stop me. LOL!)
9.) I've memorized the capital of each state. (I obviously need to get a life!)
10.) My nickname used to be .... (purposely omitted because it's just too dorky. You didn't really think I'd tell you what it was, did you? Okay, you bent my was 'dink'! Told ya it was dorky.)
11.) I blush way too easily! Gah.
12.) I'm an eternal optimist! Always try to look on the bright side. View tomorrow as a fresh start.
 (Me and daughter, Kelly, at a writer's conference)
 I'm tagging fellow authors to reveal a little about themselves:  (just click on their name to go to their blog or website)


  1. Dink???? Is there a story there, Jan? Actually, there's several of those 'Bet You Didn't Knows' I'd like to hear more about.

    Love your sense of humor.

    Sandra Owens

    1. Yep! Got the nickname because I was so dinky as a kid. Sure made up for it as an adult! *grins* As far as those other Bet You Didn't Know's...LOL! Thanks for popping in & leaving a comment, Sandy!! You're awesome :-))