Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lucky 7's

I've been tagged by Sharon Saracino !

So when an author is tagged for Lucky 7's, they go to page 77 of their latest release or work-in-progress and count 7 lines down. Then they post the next 7 sentences from that point.

These 7 lines are from my work-in-progress, a romantic suspense - 'Stay Close, Novac!'

     Jessi's gaze slid in his direction. Ian was so damned fine in a bad boy kind of way. And she wanted to share with Olga June the happy feeling she got from being with him. That conversation would have to wait until he was more than twenty feet away.

     "Has he fallen off any more ladders?" Olga June teased.

     Jessi laughed despite her mood. "Not that I know of."

     "When you see him again, take a picture with your phone so I can see what the hunk looks like."

     She couldn't tell her editor that she and Ian were in a hotel lobby, ready to check in. "Hunk? I didn't say he was a hunk."

I'm tagging:

Teri Heyer

Peggy Edelheit

Regina Puckett 

Onisha Ellis


  1. Page 77 of "Waiting for Mary Elizabeth"

    There was still a bandage wrapped around Gregory’s head, but he was out there smiling. He had the nicest smile. A smile would always overtake his entire face. It would close his eyes and create tiny laugh lines that would one day be a permanent fixture on his face. She couldn’t wait. If it was possible, he was going to be even more handsome as an older man than he was now.
    "I could go out there and kiss him.

    1. Thanks, Regina! Loved your story :-))