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                                                KATHY SCHINDLER!!

I am truly delighted to welcome, Kathy Schindler, to my blog today! Often I am in awe of Kathy's creativity and energy. She's a very dear friend, critique partner, champion of our men in uniform, and a rising star in the literary world! I wanted to introduce you to Kathy by way of an interview --

JAN: Kathy, you recently placed 22nd out of 5,000 in the Writer's Digest Short-Short stories contest. That's incredible! What's even more incredible is the subject of your story. You can't post the story since it will be published in the 12th Annual Writer's Digest Short-Short Story Competition Collection, but can you whet our appetite by sharing what your story is about?

KATHY: The story is about a soldier who returns from Afghanistan, but doesn't have anyone waiting to welcome him home. A photographer decides to take his picture which leads to their romance. If anyone is interested in reading my story you can purchase a copy of the 12th Annual Writer's Digest Short-Short Story Competition Collection, available on the Writer's Digest ( website mid-summer.

JAN: You currently have a submission pending with a favorite woman's magazine. It takes a certain talent to write stories with a specific word count. Do you find it difficult to go from a full-length novel to a short story?

KATHY: I actually find it much easier to write short stories. You learn to cut out all the extras. In full-length novels you have to go more in depth. I like writing short stories because I get to experience the joy of typing 'the end' a lot sooner.

JAN: Besides writing, you're also a wife, mother, owner of Doodle Bug Early Learning (Daycare), maintain a few websites, and occasionally teach HTML classes to romance writers. How do you make it all work?

KATHY: Lots and lots of coffee!! I have never been a person who liked schedules, but I think the schedule found me. Daycare is open eleven hours a day, five days a week. In order to be productive, I have to stick to a daily routine. I work while my daycare kids nap in the morning and the afternoon. Most evenings after dinner with my family, you will find me at the computer.

JAN: One of the many things I admire about you is how much you give to others. Whenever I need a helping hand with my website, you're there. If I back myself into a corner with my writing, you pull me out of my funk with advice and your great sense of humor, and you don't blink twice when it comes to promoting my work and the work of others. At Christmas, you decorate a tree for hospice. Can you tell us a bit about this?

KATHY: The past two years, a very good friend of mine sponsored the tree. This monetary donation goes directly to hospice. Friends contribute money towards the ornaments and decorations, then my family and I decorate it. The tree is on display for one day at the annual Hospice of St. Mary's Festival of Trees.

Each year we brainstorm a new decorating theme for the tree. The first year was a military tree that was donated to the local veteran's home. The second year was a breast cancer tree that was donated to the local hospice house. Both trees had very special meaning to me and my friend. We haven't decided on this years tree, but we have already started to think of ideas.

JAN: Thank you so much for being on my blog today, Kathy! Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring writers?

KATHY: As I always tell my kids... "Reach for the stars because dreams really do come true."


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  1. I like to support anyone who supports the military. Good cause. I was struck my your title - One Lone Soldier. Excellent title. Good luck with your work!

  2. Anyone who has a heart for our military gets my vote. Mix that with a good romance and I am hooked. Best of luck to you, Kathy.