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White Sheets & Rosy Cheeks by Katie Mettner

Today Katie Metter is visiting my blog. She’s a prolific writer of inspirational and romantic suspense with 20 published books under her belt. Her current work of heart – White Sheets & Rosy Cheeks – is enrolled in Amazon’s Kindle Scout program where readers can nominate it for a publishing contract. It’s a newer program so I thought it would be great to ask Katie how it works. I have a few other questions in store for her as well. 


Welcome, Katie!

I’m sure you can guess the first question, Katie. Can you explain Kindle Scout for those of us who know very little about it?

Sure, I’d be happy to. I would love more people to start scouting J Kindle Scout is a program through Amazon that allows authors to upload their book to be ‘scouted’ by readers like you. It has to be a never before published work of 50,000 words or longer. All the major genres and sub-genres are represented at any given time.

Each “campaign” lasts for 30 days, and during that time the author needs to get as many readers to nominate your book as they can. Kindle Press (which is what Amazon’s imprint is called) is looking for marketable titles that garner a lot interest from readers during those 30 days. That is why they have the authors answer questions about their work, and they publish the first 5,000 words of the story, so the reader can get a real feel for it.

Once you find a book you are interested in nominating, you click the ‘nominate me’ button and it will go up on your nomination board. You can have 3 books at any given time on that board. If you remove one book to put another on, then you’ll be giving up the first nomination. Why is that important? Because if the book is chosen by Kindle Press to be published, and the book was on your nomination board at the end of the 30 day campaign, then you’ll get a free early copy of the book before it goes live on Amazon! So basically, you get free books just by nominating.

(Remember, books are in all stages of their campaign at any given day, so if you see two are ending in 2 days and you want to nominate them, you can, just go back and put the two you removed from your nomination board back on once the first two have finished their campaign).


White Sheets & Rosy Cheeks sounds like an interesting read. The title piqued my interest right away. Can you share the blurb and one of your favorite passages from the story?

I’ll share the little bit longer blurb than you’ll get on the Kindle Scout page.

Dr. Salvador Brennan left the earth a lonely and regretful man. Given a chance to right his wrongs, he returns to Bearsfield, Wisconsin, to manipulate two broken hearts into the greatest love story of all time, from beyond the grave.

The first step is convincing his nephew, Eli Sheets, to leave his life in Michigan and move to a tiny town in Wisconsin. Having put the plan in motion before he died, he bequeathed his rundown house to Eli, with the hope that time had healed his wounds. Eli and his three-year-old daughter, Molly, arrive on a late spring afternoon, and Uncle Sal wonders if Eli sees the peeling paint and sagging porch as a way to put the past behind him. When Eli meets his next-door neighbor, Diana Forrester, does he catch a glimpse of his future?

Initiate Operation Molly.

‘Ghostie’ befriends Molly, and together they teach Eli and Diana that the yellow brick road is paved with acceptance and forgiveness. Waiting at the end of the road is a love that will heal their broken hearts, and bring them together, forever.


The first 5,000 words of the story are on my Kindle Scout page, so I’ll let your readers head over there to read an excerpt and get a good feel for the story. For now, I’ll post one of my favorite parts of the story because it’s short. This is an exchange between Eli and Molly, and let’s not forget, Dorfy.

Molly held my hand as we walked up the stairs and I opened the door, ushering her in. She grabbed her My Little Pony sleeping bag and pillow and spread them on the couch, then jumped in the bag and waited for me to zip it up. Once she had her little body comfortable, I went to the door and let in Dorothy, who was scratching at it. She jumped up on the couch, worming her way down into the sleeping bag until all you saw was her snout sticking out.

“Dorfy is disgusted dat you forgetted her,” Molly scolded and I chuckled, my head shaking.

“Tell Dorothy I’m sorry.” I kissed her goodnight and made her promise to go to sleep even though we were outside. Her eyes closed before I finished my sentence, and I knew she wouldn’t wake anytime soon.


What would you like the readers to know about your characters?

The characters in White Sheets & Rosy Cheeks are special because they let you experience falling in love all over again, even though they’re both over thirty.

Eli Franklin Sheets is the district Administrator for Bearsfield Schools. He moves there when his long lost uncle, Dr. Salvador Brennan, left him a house after his death. Eli is looking for a fresh start after losing his wife three years earlier, after the birth of their daughter Molly. He’s not necessarily looking for love as much as he’s looking for a way to make new memories without being constantly reminded of the old ones. He thinks a new home and a new job, hundreds of miles away, might do that.

Diana Forrester is the editor and publisher of the Bearsfield newspaper. She lives next door to the house at 617 South Beltrane Avenue, and she was a good friend of “Bud’s” before he died. She was more than surprised when a man showed up claiming to be his nephew, considering Bud told her he had no family. Diana is intriguing because she is confident and strong when it comes to her work and in the community, but when she’s alone with Eli she becomes submissive and weak. She’s not looking for love, now or ever for that matter, but she has a hard time staying away from the man and his little girl next door.

Molly Leonora Sheets is Eli’s 3-year-old daughter. She’s clairvoyant and because of that, she is the only one who can see her ghost friend, “Ghostie Dan”. Molly is sweet child innocence that makes you wish you had a 3-year-old in the house again. She’s super protective of her daddy, but aches for the love and attention of a woman.

Uncle Sal is just plain fun. You’ve never met a ghost quite like him. He has a serious story to tell, but in the process, he makes you laugh and helps us see that sometimes we can’t leave things up to chance. Sometimes we have to do a little orchestrating to get things right.

Dorothy, or Dorfy as Molly calls her, is Diana’s little dog.  Why am I mentioning her? Because she’s awesome, and who doesn’t love a dog that looks like Toto, but is called Dorothy? J 

Even though you treat your readers to some lighthearted moments with your characters, at the root of each story is a powerful message. I assume it’s the same with your new book. What can we expect from White Sheets & Rosy Cheeks?

White Sheets & Rosy Cheeks is a little bit different from most of my books because it’s a more upbeat, lighthearted contemporary romance. Of course, I couldn’t leave it at that, so you’re right, there are some hidden parts of the character’s lives that they must find a way to reveal to each other if they want to find happiness. That said, the reader can expect to fall in love with the characters immediately, and they’ll want to find out what the reasons were that Uncle Sal left town without a trace. This is a fun, flirty, summertime read it by the light of the fireflies kind of book with just enough mystery to keep the readers on their toes.

Can you direct us to where we can nominate your book?

Scouting is surprisingly simple. As long as you have an Amazon account, you go to www.kindlescout.amazon.com and White Sheets & Rosy Cheeks is listed under romance. While you are there, you can scout books in other categories and nominate up to three. This is the direct link to White Sheets & Rosy Cheeks if you want to go right to my page. White Sheets & Rosy Cheeks on Kindle Scout


I know while you’re eagerly awaiting the results of the Kindle Scout program, you’re busy clicking away at the keyboard with another great story. Can you say a few words about you’re working on now?

You know me well, Jan. I’m always working on something J My current WIP is the second book in the Kupid’s Cove series titled “Me & Mr. I.T.” This particular series takes place in Maui and Honolulu and features characters who work for Kupid Enterprises.

Eliana Monroe is head marketing director for Kupid Enterprises. She’s all thumbs when it comes to technology, though. Maltrand KeKoa, or Mr. I.T. as they call him at Kupid Enterprises, knows everything there is to know about computers. When money and equipment start going missing, Gideon Armstrong, owner of the resorts, asks Ellie and Mr. I.T. to go undercover at his resort in Honolulu to find the thief.

The problem? They’ve had a crush on each other since two months ago when Mr. I.T. found Ellie after having a little too much to drink. She made an offer he had to refuse, even though he wanted nothing more than to agree.

What ensues is a comedy of errors involving a fashion show, wedding bands, a Frisbee, a baby, a thief, a kidnapping, and a confession.  Through it all, the question remains for Ellie. Will Me & Mr. I.T. ever be more than friends?

You’ve recently released Magnificent Agony. Can you tell us a little bit about this story?

I think Tobi Helton said it best in her review of Magnificent Agony. “Once again, Katie Mettner has taken to writing a true to life story that confronts life, death and struggle in faith and other people around you.”  When I first came up with the idea for Magnificent Agony, I wanted to write a book that did three things. I wanted to highlight the struggles families go through when they have someone in their family who has mental disabilities. I wanted to portray life, and death, intertwined in a way that made the reader sad, but also helped them see the other side of death, how it teaches us to live. The third thing I wanted to highlight was how communities come together when tragedy strikes. I wanted the reader to remember the town of Magnificent and the way they supported Eve when she needed them most, so when tragedy struck in their own town, they were one of the first to step up and help.

Here is the blurb for Magnificent Agony:

Eve Darling has learned one very important lesson in her twenty-six years; life never goes according to plan

The night of her high school graduation her heart was bursting with hopes and dreams for the future, but the universe had other ideas. Instead of New York and culinary school, she stayed in Magnificent, Wisconsin. Barely an adult herself, Eve was irrevocably tasked with becoming a mother to her big brother, Davis, the man with the heart and mind of a five-year-old boy. Now, eight years later, she’s become a successful entrepreneur, chef, and businesswoman. All of those responsibilities came at a price and her personal life was payment. No one was more acutely aware of that than she was.

And then, with one phone call, everything changed.

‘After life organizer’ Abraham Von Sallage was like no funeral director Eve had ever met. He was young, charming, witty, and had a unique perspective on life, because his business, was death. They both carried burdens society couldn’t, or wouldn’t, acknowledge, and in those burdens, they found an instantaneous connection. That night, as Abraham stood in the doorway of her cooking school, she saw hope in his eyes.

And then her world crumbled.

An inexplicably cruel twist of fate calls into question everything she knows about life, and death. With her soul adrift in guilt, she clung to the only person she could trust to save her from the agony her life has become. Shrouded by grief, it would take the love of one man, and the resolve of an entire community, to show her just how magnificent life can be.

 Thank you for being here today, Katie, and for sharing what’s happening with your career! I wish you much success with White Sheets & Rosy Cheeks! I know it’s worthy of a publishing contract with Amazon and I hope everyone else feels the same. And good luck with Magnificent Agony as well.

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