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What has Carol Rose been up to?

What has Carol Rose been up to?

Carol Rose

Carol Rose constantly makes me laugh on Facebook and Twitter. Her posts are sometimes snarky, sometimes steamy, sometimes delicious, and always a treat! She’s been on my blog before and I thought it was high time to bring her back to find out what she’s been up to.

Welcome, Carol!

Before I toss questions at Carol, here’s a little bit about the woman who drives the Texas highways and byways in a hot, bright yellow Honda S2000 convertible. Carol has written thirty books! She’s won numerous awards, including a final in the prestigious Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award. During the day, she’s a therapist. After hours, she can be found tapping away at her computer, creating characters and throwing them in all kinds of situations.

Now, let’s find out about those characters and situations...

Carol, you’ve been a busy gal. You've recently published your Blue Collar Boys series. Care to share the amazing cover art?

Can you share some of your favorite passages from the books?

I love when in Smooched, our hero, Case Thompson, challenges the heroine, ER Dr. Merritt Morgan, to work with him on an architectural salvage job, so he can get to know her and judge whether she’s safe to introduce to their niece.

“Case started to say something and then stopped. He swallowed and then said in a deliberate way, “I don’t know you, Doctor. I can’t remember if Annie made her remarks about just her father or her father and you—“

Before he could finish, the woman who looked so much like his dead sister-in-law, put her flattened palm on his desk and leaned forward a little. “Then get to know me, Mr. Thompson. Give me a chance to show that I loved my sister—despite our unfortunate estrangement after our mother died—I loved Annie and I mean absolutely no harm to her child. I’m not trying to take her from you, either. Unless, you refused to let me get to know her…”

Case looked at her beautiful flushed face, getting a wonderful, evil idea. At least, he knew some people—those who didn’t have an orphaned nine year-old niece to protect—would call the idea evil.

“I’m a busy man. I don’t have time for tea parties and dinner meetings. If you want me to get to know you, you’ll have to go where I’m going.”

“I don’t mind that,” she said swiftly, straightening from his desk.

“You might not think so. I do architectural salvage, doc. I don’t work in a bank.” Case knew he sounded condescending, but the beautiful witch wasn’t going away. Tough measures were called for. He wasn’t sure if she really just wanted to get to know Kaylie or if she had a more devious agenda, but there was no way she was waltzing into Kaylie’s life without him checking her out. If he didn’t make himself available to her, maybe she’d just go away.

“I don’t care, really. I’ll hang out with you on jobs, if need be.”

Case looked at her, scanning up her body in snug, undoubtedly expensive jeans to a fine-textured jersey turtleneck shirt that clung to her shapely form.

“Lady,” he couldn’t help the laughter in his voice. “We don’t hang out on these jobs. We work.”

“Then I’ll work, too. Just get to know me, Case, because I can’t not know my sister’s child any longer.”

“You’ll go on salvage jobs? You’ll actually work.” He knew she could have no idea. “It’s dirty, doc. Really dirty.”

Stubborn determination shone from her classic features. “I know how to work. You have no idea what I face in the ER all the time. If going with you on the salvage jobs is the only way to get to know you—to prove to you that I’m not a threat to Kaylie—I’ll go on your salvage jobs.”

There are parts of writing that come easy; others, not so much. What parts give you fits? What parts seem to be a breeze?

Plotting is the biggest challenge for me and I’m kind of a stickler about getting the structure of a story right.

Characterization is way easy for me. It doesn’t take much to send my brain off running.

Bits and pieces of us show up in our characters. Is there one common trait of yours that seem to carry from character to character?

I tend toward characters that are really smart—in different ways—and I’m prone to write characters that are emotionally sensitive(Insert cheesy smile emoticon here).

Are you hard at work on another series?

I’m actually trying something really new and if I succeed with it, it will become a series. I’m writing an Amish romance, entitled Amish Renegade. I might not have ventured into the new territory, however, if I’d realized how much research it would take…

I’ve told my readers about you. I know I’ve only skimmed the surface. Can you expand on who you are – Carol Rose the wife, mother, therapist, and author? Maybe say a few words about Texas for those of us who aren’t Texans?

I know this will be heresy for some, but I’ve never really identified with the Texas character—and I was born here. (Apologies to those who love Texas heritage). I love words, however, and I love relationships. Writing romance is a natural for me. I’m fascinated by the written language. I remember waking in the night when a very young child. I then shared a bedroom with my three older brothers and so as not to wake anyone—I must have been about five—I took a book, going into a short hall where I could close the doors and turn on the lights to read.

It’s been a pleasure having you on my blog, Carol. Come back anytime.

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