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Katie Mettner comes to us with Winter's Rain and a giveaway!

Katie Mettner

Katie Mettner has been hard at it. She's written Winter's Rain - book #3 in The Northern Lights Series. Today, she's going to share some amazing cover art, a blurb and excerpt to whet our appetites for more. Katie writes from the heart. She creates characters and stories that tug all kinds of emotions from you. One particular line in the blurb for Winter's Rain sparked my interest right away. I hope it will spark yours too. 'Hidden somewhere in their past is the key to their future' 

Along with sharing her book information, Katie is also hosting a rafflecopter giveaway -- an ebook copy of Granted Redemption and Autumn Reflections (book #1 & #2 in the series) and also a hand-beaded dreamcatcher by Native American Artisan. So please enjoy some sneak peeks into Winter's Rain and then enter the rafflecopter giveaway. 

Winter's Rain blurb:

Winter Cheyne was a child bride, sold for the price of a gambling debt. After years of abuse she knew breaking free of his hold would be dangerous, maybe even deadly, but it was a chance she had to take. The freedom she found as Winter Rayne was an illusion, instantly shattered by the high beams of an oncoming car. 

Dr. Jedidiah Raintree never knew the truth about what happened to his best friend, Winter Cheyne. Growing up on the reservation together they were inseparable, until fate intervened and tore them apart. He's spent the last twenty years looking for the girl with the long black hair and almond eyes, but ran into dead ends at every turn. Where he didn't expect to find her was huddled in his cabin, pointing a gun at his chest.

With the first snowstorm of the season bearing down on them, Rain convinces Winter he can keep her safe until the storm passes, but quickly learns safety is an apparition. The only choice he has is to risk everything to save the girl he once knew.

Hidden somewhere in her are the secrets she's being hunted for. Hidden somewhere in him is the strength she will need to face them and be free. Hidden somewhere in their past is the key to their future. As the snow falls hard around them, desperation, deceit and death must work in harmony to fulfill their destiny. 

Winter's Rain excerpt:

     My name is Winter Cheyne and eight hours ago I killed a man. He was a ruthless animal who had every intention of killing me first, but I won this time. The first time in a decade. The cold wind blew across my face and I shivered, snapping my mind back to the reality of my situation. I ducked behind a tree and checked the clock on my flashlight. It was 2:00 a.m.
     Running on nothing but pure adrenaline for the last two hours, I was searching for a road I could run parallel with, while staying among the trees. Getting lost in the woods in Minnesota was easy, and dying alone in them was even easier. I was confused, wondering if I had done nothing but run in circles for the last few hours. I fumbled for my flashlight, desperate to check the compass. Desperate for it to tell me I was still going in the right direction. I had to get to Duluth and the bus station, buy a ticket then get lost in a big city. Maybe Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles, anywhere but here.
     My sore body and exhausted mind yelled at me to take a break. 'Find a place to rest for a few hours', my legs begged, but I refused. I had to keep moving. If his men found me now the last few months would be for nothing. I looked at the flashlight again. Its blackness blended into the night sky and in it I saw the look on his face. I wondered if I was really staying ahead of the danger, or running right into it.
     It was pitch black out, not even the moon wanted to come out tonight. I had to stop following the river a few hours ago. That meant I had to risk it and walk on the highway a few hundred feet. Those feet left me exposed by the headlights of the oncoming cars. I was taking a chance they would spot me, but trying to get across the river any other way was a risk I couldn't take. Back in the woods now sometimes I could hear the highway, and sometimes I could hear nothing but my footsteps and ragged breath. Other times I imagined the sounds of a bear, puma or wolf stalking me, watching me, waiting for me.
     I closed my eyes, resting my head against the tree. 'What direction leads me to safety, Lord?' The only answer I heard in the wind was 'Deep breath, Winter. I will keep you safe.'
     I opened my eyes. I'm not a spiritual person, but what people say is true. When your life is on the line, and you have absolutely nothing left, there is really only one thing to do, pray. I've never gotten an answered prayer before, so I quit praying. I quit praying when I was twelve and the Lord deserted me. Even thought that was what I thought, a part of my heart hoped that He, the Great Spirit, was still protecting me. That He was the reason I wasn't dead, because we all knew I should be.
     'There are on deep breaths, Lord, there is only fear and pain.' I thought then I waited, but heard nothing more. My chest rose and fell twice though, not under my own power. I nodded my head against the tree. He had to start somewhere, even if it was with my deep breaths. They relaxed me a little and I took two more, thinking through my options. I really only had one though, find a place to rest. Sitting here was already relaxing me too much. I need a fire for warmth and time to regroup. I need to rest a few hours, even at the risk of my life, or I would end up dead from a cloudy mind and worn out body. 
     My arm ached and my face throbbed. I touched my cheekbone, now swollen to twice its normal size. I could barely see out of my right eye and I wondered how bad the damage was. I tried not to think about it, but the pain was becoming hard to ignore. I'll get medical help when I get to a big city. My new ID was in my pack and all I had to do was get to a city where I could blend in. Small steps, Winter. Fire, food and water. Listen to the radio and regroup, then start walking again.
     I pulled my parka hood up over my head and stuck my hand in my pocket. Even though I was dressed for Minnesota weather, the air was still frigid. A fire was my only hope of getting warm, but that would require an open area in the woods. Someplace open enough for a fire, but hidden enough so no one could see it was a tall order. My casted left hand fumbled for the flashlight and it dropped to the ground. I swore under my breath, kneeling down to feel around for the clunky box. The hand crank flashlight was my lifeline. Breaking it would force me into civilization much sooner than I wanted. I had no idea how many men were part of this organization with Ono. For all I knew they are in every big city across the country.
     I knelt on my hands and knees, and tried to pack the hysteria down. 'You don't know that for sure, Winter.' I scolded myself while searching for the flashlight. My hand finally hit the box and I picked it up, cranking the handle and praying for light. It flickered on and I breathed a sigh of relief. Tarzan's Jane, I am not. I'm so far from a wilderness woman. I've never even been camping. Somewhat ironic considering I'm half Chippewa. It's the other half of me that has me in this predicament, and there is no way out. I wonder if this is how my ancestors felt, running through the woods being hunted like animals. 

From Jan...

All I can say after reading this excerpt, is WOW! I can't wait to read Winter's Rain!!

Okay, now that Katie has teased us with some incredible insight to Winter and her struggle to reclaim her life, it's time to leave a comment and get entered to win those incredible gifts from Katie via Rafflecopter. 

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More about Katie:

Katie Mettner writes inspiration romance from a little house in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. She's the author of the four part epic family saga, The Sugar Series, Sugar's Song being runner up for sweet romance in the eFestival of Words awards. Her other romance series, The Northern Lights Series and the Snowberry Holiday Series, are both set in Minnesota and are a mix of new adult and romantic suspense. Katie lives with her soulmate, whom she met online at Thanksgiving, and married in April. Together they share their lives with their three children and two leopard geckos. After suffering an especially bad spill on the bunny hill in 1989 Katie became a below the knee amputee in 2011, giving her the much needed time to pen her first novel, Sugar's Dance. With the release of Sugar's story Katie discovered the unfilled need for disabled heroes and heroines! Her stories are about empowering people with special circumstances to find the one person who will love them because of their abilities, not their inabilities. Katie has a slight addiction to Twitter and blogging, with a lessening aversion to Pinterest now that she quit trying to make the things she pinned.

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