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Autumn Reflections by Katie Mettner

From The Author:

Thanks for having me on the blog today, Jan! It's been a few months since I released Autumn and when I think back over the two weeks it took me to write this story there was one thing that really stood out in my mind, how quickly Grayson took over my heart and called ALL the shots. When I introduced Autumn in Granted Redemption I didn't have any intention of writing the next book about her, but then as Grant's story progressed so did Autumn's. More than that though, Grayson grew inside my heart. By the middle of Granted Redemption we suddenly get this little tidbit of information about Grayson that we weren't expecting, and my heart began to show me the rest. I picked this excerpt for your blog not because it's where we first meet Grayson, in fact by the time this scene comes in the book we already know Grayson pretty well. I picked this scene because it's the first time Grayson meets Kade Franco, and the first time Autumn opens the door wide enough to trust another person with her son's heart. What Autumn doesn't realize is her son's legs might not be very strong, but his will to love her and make her happy is stronger than any lumberjack's oxen. Grayson wants his momma to be happy, and even at the young age of seven, he'll stop at nothing to make sure this time she puts herself first.

I hope when you get a chance to read Autumn Reflections you find yourself with the same feelings about love, faith, the joy of a child and the promise of a new life that I had as I wrote it.

May autumn be a time of reflection, joy and happiness for all,


Autumn Reflections

Book Blurb:

1 Corinthians 13:8: Love never fails. 

Grayson Hanson likes to pretend he’s a superhero, sent to earth to fight off the bad guys. In reality, he’s a seven-year-old boy who wears those same superheroes on his leg braces, and fights off bullies at school. His mother, Dr. Autumn Hanson, will do anything to protect her son, including leaving her prestigious position as one of Duluth’s top orthopedic surgeons. Hoping for a fresh start, she moves Grayson to Cloquet, Minnesota and opens her own clinic. Steadfast in her desire for a new life, Autumn agrees to be interviewed for a feature article in the local paper. 

Kade Franco is a well respected journalist, who at forty-two has had his own share of love’s regrets. As the city’s most eligible bachelor, Kade can have any woman he wants, but he’s waiting for his meant-to-be. Where he doesn’t expect to find her is in the beautiful hazel eyes of the newest doctor in town. Autumn finds Kade Franco’s sexy chocolatey brown eyes and strong lumberjack physique to be her kryptonite. She’s spent the last seven years building a wall around her heart, but fears it isn’t strong enough to withstand a man of steel determined to show her love never fails. 


“Momma, who is it?” I turned on my heel slowly and stared at my towheaded son. He was braced on his walker and eyeing Kade curiously.

Before I could answer, Kade walked over and bent at the waist, offering his hand, which Grayson took. “Kade Franco, nice to meet you Grayson Hanson.”
My son shook his hand for a moment before gripping his walker again. I could see his legs shaking and knew it was taking everything he had to remain upright. “Kade Franco. You’re the reporter who wrote the article about my momma. That made her smile. I like it when she smiles.”
Kade had a smile on his face that was a cross between pure happiness and pure satisfaction. “I like it when she smiles too. She’s so pretty and she gets these little lines right here.” He pointed to the corner of his eyes. “You know, when you see those little lines, a woman is truly happy.”
“I didn’t know that, but I’m only seven. I don’t really like girls.” Grayson shared and I clapped my hand over my mouth.
“That’s okay, girls can be kind of a pain at seven, but later on you’ll find you can’t stay away from them and then you’ll look for those little laugh lines, I promise.” Kade was kneeling now on one knee and Grayson was almost sunken to the ground, only upright by putting the weight of his body on his arms.
I was about to pick him up, when I saw Kade motion towards his leg braces. “Now those are some kind of cool! Would it be okay if I set you in that chair over there so I can check them out?”
Grayson almost looked relieved when Kade picked him up gently under his arms and swung him into one of the cloth reception chairs. He propped Gray’s feet up on his thigh and checked out the braces that went from inside his shoes to his thigh, hinged at the knee for flexion. “Dude, these are the awesomest things I’ve ever seen. Do you have every superhero on them?”
Grayson beamed from his spot in the chair, and tears pricked at the back of my eyes. “No silly, there are thousands of superheroes!” Grayson exclaimed laughing. “But I have all the major players.” Kade nodded, looking them over, turning them every which way. “You sure do. Hulk, Spiderman, Superman, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, and Iron Man. I wish I had cool apparatus like this.”
“You do?” Grayson asked surprised. “Mostly, I don’t like having to wear them.”
Kade let his feet drop back to a natural position. “I suppose they get hot sometimes, but not too many kids get to walk around sporting their favorite superheroes every day. I say, ‘if you got it, flaunt it.’” He winked and Grayson grinned, his missing teeth making him look like a jack o’ lantern that will adorn our front stoop next month.
Kade stood and nonchalantly lifted the small walker, setting it next to Grayson. “So, are you done here?” He asked, turning to me and I nodded.
“Yup, just need to shut down the lights and grab our coats. Time to be getting home for bed.” I answered breezily trying to ignore the groan from the chair in the corner.
“But momma, it’s Friday night.” Grayson whined from the chair, and Kade turned on me.
“Yeah momma, it’s Friday night.” He jutted his lip out like Grayson and I couldn’t keep from laughing at the two of them ganging up on me.
“Why don’t you and Grayson come to the game with me? We’ve already missed the first half, but that’s okay. I’m sure the Lumberjacks are gonna play just as well in the second.”
Grayson looked at me excitedly and then his face fell when he caught sight of the walker. 

Kade Franco

About The Author:

Katie Mettner grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and moved to the Northwoods where she now resides with her husband and three children. Katie writes spicy Christian romance and is the author of The Sugar series and The Northern Lights series. Her stories are a reflection of her love for family, intricately woven with life experience. When the gales of November blow early you can find her at the computer with a cup of joe working on her next adventure.

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