Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An interview with Lisa Hobman!

Scotland is rich in history with kings, castles, abbeys and famous authors like, Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde), Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes), and now, a more current author , Lisa Hobman.

I've gotten to know Lisa via Facebook and Twitter. She's a fun personality and an amazing writer. I've recently read her debut novel, Bridge Over the Atlantic and thoroughly enjoyed it. Lisa now has a second book out, Through the Glass, and I'm excited to read it as well.

Lisa has agreed to be interviewed so you can get to know a little more about her and her books.

Q: With just a few words, describe your personality.
A: Hmm, I think my friends would say giddy, born worrier, creative.

Q: On a typical day, you can be found doing...
A: These days I'm usually found writing! If I'm not writing I'm thinking about writing or spending time with my family when they come home.

Q: Do you travel a lot? If so, what kinds of places attract you?
A: I'm TERRIFIED of flying and so we tend to stay around places that can be reached via Terra Firma but honestly my favourite place in the whole world is the place I now call home; Scotland.

Q: When you're not writing or tending to your family, what do you like to do?
A: My other passion is singing. I used to sing professionally and have had a few years away but recently, thanks to some wonderful musician friends I've gotten back into it again.

Q: Scotland is very dear to you. Can you share some of the things you love about it?
A: do I narrow it down? Apart from the people I would have to say the ever changing landscape. The fact that no matter the weather it truly is a stunning place.

Q: With Bridge Over the Atlantic and Through the Glass now published, do you have another book in the works?
A: Gulp! I have several! My third is just being considered at the moment and I'm praying that it's contracted. My fourth and fifth are works in progress. My sixth and seventh are started. I seriously have a bit of a writing obsession!

Q: Your new book has an interesting title - Through the Glass. Can you tell us a little bit about the book? Perhaps whet our appetites with a blurb and short excerpt?
A: I would love too!

Through the Glass starts where many books finish or journey through on their way to a happy ending! It starts at the end of a relationship. The two main characters are Jim - a Scottish man stuck living outside his comfort zone; in London with his wife. And Flick (Felicity) - an artist whose passion has given way to materialistic values and ideals. Her down to earth husband ceases to fit her lifestyle. At the end of their relationship Jim relocates back to Scotland to start over. But as you may have guessed his transition doesn't go according to plan.


A broken heart can never be a blank canvas...
You meet someone, fall in love, and live happily ever after...right?
     That's what Jim MacDuff thought, but after years of being blissfully happy, everything he holds dear comes crashing spectacularly down thanks to his interfering mother-in-law. Felicity "Flick" Johnston-Hart is passionate about painting what she sees through the glass. Just like the subjects of her paintings, she's viewed her life as an observer instead of really living. Although she adores her first love, Jim, more than life, her mother's expectations eventually chip away at her, making her believe that painting and Jim are simply not enough.
     After settling back into life as a single man in the stunning Scottish Highlands, Jim is graced with an unexpected and unwanted visitor bringing painful news that he would rather not hear. A letter from beyond the grave leads him to do something he never imagined and takes him on a journey to try to help Flick rekindle her passion for painting...and maybe win her love again in the process.
    Can Jim and Flick make things right before it's too late, or will events leave them heartbroken and alone forever?
Chapter 1
February 2009 - The breakup
"So, that's it then, Flick?" Jim raised his arms in exasperation. "You're leaving? You've completely given up?" He was past trying to convince Flick that they could make a go of it; work things out, get through this and come out the other side stronger. The past few months had been one argument after another and Flick had spent less and less time at home.
"It's for the best, James. And please don't call me Flick." She sighed. "It's not my name. Not anymore. I grew up. It's good in the adult world you should visit sometime, you might like it," she snorted derisively. 
Jim shook his head; sadness oozing from every pore. "Aye, well you'll always be Flick to me. And I'll always be Jim. What's with this 'Felicity and James' bollocks anyway?" His accent always became stronger when he was angry. This was one of those occasions when the true Scotsman came out fighting. His chest heaved as he tried to calm the storm raging beneath his skin.
He almost didn't recognise the woman standing before him in their bedroom; her fitted designer clothes complete with pearls and a shoulder length smooth sleek hairstyle. Such a contrast to the girl he fell in love with. Back then it was all flowing blonde waves and long, floating skirts. She was softer then; in every way.
"Well, as I said James, Felicity is my name...Flick was left behind at university. She was doe-eyed, foolish and rash...look, there's no point us going over old ground." She pulled the handle up on her wheeled suitcase. "I'll be staying with Polly and Matt for awhile whilst I figure out my next move."
Matt had once been Jim's closest friend but that friendship had somehow fizzled as his relationship with Polly had intensified. That saddened Jim.
Felicity went on, "Nilsson-Perkins have offered to help find me a new place near the city centre so I can be closer to the main gallery." She wandered over to him and placed her hand on his arm. "It's for the best, James. I think you know that deep down."
He looked, pleadingly, into her eyes, his chest still rising and falling at a rapid rate. "For whom? For me? I don't think so." His voice cracked as he shook his head; he stared intently and for several moments she seemed caught in his eyes. He thought he saw her shield begin to melt but she shook her head and looked away.
Turning back to him she shrugged her shoulders. "It was inevitable when you think about it. We're from two different worlds...we want completely different things, James." Her voice softened as she squeezed his arm. Her blue eyes, however, that were once full of love, were ice cold.
She wheeled her case toward the bedroom door and turned back to face him one last time. Her eyes were glassy with unshed tears and Jim was relieved to see some, albeit small, expression of human emotion from the woman he had witnessed, slowly, becoming some kind of hard, Siberian robot.
"For what it's worth...James...I do love you. You were my first love and so I probably always will. I just feel like..." She paused, clenching her eyes closed as if to find the strength to carry on speaking, a tear escaped. "Like maybe we're not good for each other. We've grown apart. I'm ambitious and want babies and the white picket fence thing...I'm just not ready...I'm not sure I ever will be. In a way I'm doing you a favor." A sob escaped her throat as she spoke. "This way at least you get to meet someone new and have children and do all the family things that I'm just not capable of." She sounded to Jim as though she was trying to convince herself.
Jim's lower lip began to tremble. "I don't want anyone's you. It's always been you." He clenched his jaw. "What I don't get, Felicity, is that you wanted those things too. We were both on the same page. I don't understand how we changed."
"We didn't change. I did. Like I said, I grew up." She shook her head. "I know that you haven't changed," she snorted. "Sorry, Jim but it's true. In all these years you've kept the same hairstyle, the same clothing and the same laid back attitude. You still work in the same secondhand book store, you still drive that ancient Land Rover and you still take that bloody dog everywhere you go! You're not a student anymore, James. Maybe I want more, huh? Maybe I want someone who makes an effort!" Her voice gained an octave as her emotions began to get the better of her.
Jim widened his eyes in horror. "Whoa! Now just hang on there, lassie!" He held up his hands and his stomach knotted at her stabbing words as they sliced at his heart.
He stepped toward her. "You can't say that I don't make an effort. Just because I'm in no way materialistic doesn't mean I don't care. I love you. I always have. You are my world! I don't need things, Felicity, I need you!" His heart ached as it bombarded the inside of his chest. "I've done everything in my power to make you happy. I don't know what else I could have done. And for the record, I'm not the one who's given up here!" He raised his voice too, finally giving in to the pent up frustration he'd been harbouring.
"James, we want different things, accept it. Move on...please!" She opened the door and he made a grab for her. She swung around and crashed into his arms. Without thinking he took her face in his hands and kissed her with all the passion he could muster. To his amazement she didn't slap him; she kissed him back. Dropping her suitcase she seemed overwhelmed by desire, anger, passion, lust, whatever the hell it was; she grabbed at his dark, shaggy hair as he ran his hands through hers, desperate to express his love for her, desperate to make her change her mind.
He moved from her mouth to her neck, his kisses urgent. Her head rolled backward and she moaned, grabbing at his T-shirt and pulling it over his head in one swift aggressive move. Before either could realize what they were doing or how they got there, they staggered backward and tumbled, wrapped around each other, onto the bed; their lips locked as their tongues danced and probed each other's mouths.



  1. Thank you so much for having me over Jan :-)

    1. It's good to have you here, Lisa, and I'm happy to help celebrate the release of your new book - Through the Glass! Wishing you much success :-))

      ~ Jan