Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Greetings from Pitcairn Island and author, Nadine Christian! (PDF copy of her book as a giveawy to one lucky commenter)

Imagine yourself living in a tropical paradise, surrounded by birds, endless flora and blue ocean. Now imagine yourself living on an island that has 48 people (as of 2012). The isle of Pitcairn, in the South Pacific is located south of the equator, and west of South America. This is where you will find author, Nadine Christian! She's here today to share her talent with her latest release, REMEMBERING LOVE! Also, Nadine is generously giving away a .pdf version of her book to one lucky commenter. So please, leave a comment for Nadine with your email address so we can notify you if you win. 

Nadine's bio:
Nadine Christian lives on Pitcairn Island, a small isle in the middle of the South Pacific, with her husband, five children, four goats, two cats and thirty chickens. With its rich maritime history, Pitcairn's romantic past comes alive in her novels, capturing the taste of life on an isolated tropical island, miles from the rush and bustle of normal city life.
Blurb for Remembering Love!
When all is lost, how do you remember love?
When her beloved foster parents pass away, Holly discovers a past both shocking and heartbreaking: the murder/suicide of her biological parents on the South Pacific island of Pitcairn, famous for the HMAV Bounty mutineers. Travelling to a home she does not remember, Holly reconnects with long-lost childhood friend Jack. An old friendship quickly becomes more...until a dark secret is uncovered.
Will joyous love remembered become heartbreak? Can she find out the truth before someone else is hurt?

(available as an ebook or print book)
** Special note -- Nadine will also have another release coming soon, titled Quintal's Return.
If you would like to follow this amazing author, you can find her at:
Twitter: @pitcairngirl



  1. Wow! An island with 48 people (or so). That must be very peaceful. :) I love goats.

    This sounds like a great story. Wishing Nadine the best of luck!