Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shaunna Rodriguez - Book Launch: Forbidden Dusk (The Book of Blaire)

Today, I would like to welcome author, Shaunna Rodriguez to my blog! Her book, Forbidden Dusk (The Book of Blaire) releases today! Enjoy a snippet from her book:


     Cain Romanus knew his life could quite possibly end before dusk kissed the earth. He had been summoned by the Royal Order and their council. He knew why he had been summoned. The Prophecy had begun. They had arrived and so had their Guardians. The Watcher had been sent despite his fierce refusals and the Royal Order had risen from a century of rest.
     There had been one other to write the Prophecy centuries ago. His identity had never been revealed. He never spoke and he had remained a cloaked shadow dwelling in the darkness as they prophesied the future. His intentions had been dark and now he would spill her blood to start a war. He had created an army with one order. Find the sisters of the Prophecy and kill them.
     He knew why he was walking down the hall of death now. The screams he was hearing now that were coming from behind the heavy double doors in front of him would soon be his own, he was certain of it. He had two black cloaked, red hooded vampire escorts on either side of him that stood well over six feet tall and reminded him somehow of boulders. Their eyes were not like his. Not surprisingly, his eyes were golden in color because he fed on animals. Their eyes were black with red centers because they drank from humans, which would explain the screaming coming from the opposite side of the door they were within a few foosteps of. He was counting the steps in his head as they walked towards the doors of doom. 3, 2, 1 death - He felt defeated and he hadn't even faced the council as of yet.
     They stood in front of the doors. Without anyone reaching for them, they opened dragging the floor heavily. Despite the fact that there were no bodies in view, Cain was overwhelmed with the rich, overpowering smell of human blood.
     "Welcome Cain Romanus." Acacius, leader of the Royal Order spoke.

               "The look in his eyes told me that he was going to kill me."

     He could smell the fear radiating from my skin. The moons light bathed me and my perspiration glistened in its yellow glow. A smile crept across his wide spread lips of red. His skin was pale despite the moons glow. His eyes held me in their maroon trance. I gulped as he crouched and stalked near me. My body trembled and shook, not because it was below freezing and I felt every ripple the wind blew across my skin. Not because I was deep in powdery white snow. I trembled in anticipation. He was going to kill me and I was helpless to stop him.
     "If you spill my blood you'll have a war on your hands like no other." I found my voice briefly, no matter how shallow, dry or meek it sounded. I spoke the truth.
     "I'm counting on it." He growled and then lunged for me his mouth opened wide, my pale neck at its most vulnerable. I heard his teeth snap. Another growl erupted from his lips from deep inside his chest. When I opened my eyes I was alone standing in a puddle of warm, sticky blood. The cold from the snow seeped through my wet jeans. I could smell it. The smell engulfed me as I fell to my knees. With my hands outstretched in front of me, blood dripping from my fingers, I threw my head back and screamed.

      If you would like to view the trailer for Shaunna's book:

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