Monday, April 30, 2012

The lovely Felicity Lennie!

I'm honored to have lovely author, Felicity Lennie, from the United Kingdom on my blog today! She's the writer of thirteen books and a musician living along the Atlantic. She studied astronomy and seismology, loves to create logic puzzles, do crosswords and cartoons. And she's a cancer survivor.

Welcome, Felicity!       

The First Romantic Moment of A Tomboy

As a small tomboy, I really wasn't much into dolls and was consistently refused a train-set. Growing up I benefited from nephews just slightly younger than me who I could teach football and rounders. They had stuff like Meccano and Racing Cars which I enjoyed. I did Judo with them and enjoyed reading their comics like the Hotspur.

Until the age of eighteen, boys were mates and actually a lot still are. Anything vaguely romantic or slushy made me squirm (still does) and would result in my telling the person responsible to take a hike.

However, I did like travelling and persuaded my parents to let me go off on my own when I was eighteen (rare in those days). My friends thought it was crazy going off alone but fortunately I had an exciting adventurous mother who also thought it was a good idea. She furthermore thought I should stand on my own feet and pay for it too. I worked hard, paid for it with my own money and sailed off brimming with intrepid confidence.

Whilst away, I gave short shrift to any 'would-be' suitors with soppy inclinations preferring to mix with a large gang of folk older than me but all great 'minds' I could learn from.

One chap was a school teacher from Scotland who taught my age-group so I really felt comfortable with him. Furthermore he took it upon himself to be my protector which I actually found useful when dispatching young officers and other lotharios. In his company, I got to go to some really off-the-beaten-track places as he was making a documentary for the school which I became the narrator for.

One evening, he asked me if I would like to go to a real night club to see what it was like. I was always game for anything and my big sister had helped me choose clothes for the trip. I wore a really tight, low-backed midnight blue chiffon dress and can picture it now. It was ridiculously uncomfortable and I could only take small steps in it especially with the high heel blue buckled sling-backs.

I looked in the mirror at a complete stranger looking back, an older version of me in fact my sister. I thought about changing back into denims and sweatshirt but it was too late. There was no time.

The dress made me wiggle and that made me giggle all the time so did the wolf-whistles that started to come my way. I actually blushed then blushed all the more because I was blushing.

I met the 'old' (as I thought of him) teacher on the Quay. He was dressed up smart in a tuxedo. I stared at him gobsmacked. Furthermore he was all scenty which wasn't like any teachers I had ever known who had smelt of chalk-dust and old books.

From behind his back he produced a round box tied with pink ribbon (I hated pink with a passion). I looked at it as if he had produced a blancmange. He could see I was completely at a loss so he opened it for me. Inside was a single orchid tied with ribbon.

As I stood there, stunned into uncharacteristic silence and stillness, he pulled it out and pinned it on this tight dress. I looked up at him wondering who the hell he was and what was coming next?

He took my hand and said, "You are truly beautiful." I gulped.

He was great...nothing inappropriate...not even a 'Goodnight' kiss. He wouldn't let me drink and within minutes of hitting the night club I was up dancing like a lunatic with local dance troupe and he was back to fending off the gigolos.

Through my life I often think of this worthy, trustworthy, honourable man who for a couple of minutes taught me what it was going to be like being a woman. I told him I would never forget him and I never have. Magic!

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  1. Hi Jan! *waves with both hands*
    What a wonderful post. That was so much fun to read. Your mother was very brave to let you go, and you were very strong and brave to go off on your own at such a young age.
    Thanks for sharing such a vivid story. Best wishes for continued success. :)

  2. Felicity, you are an inspiration to me!! Thank you for sharing your time with us. What a wonderful post!!

  3. The way that you string your words together, Fel, invites me to conjure up the scenes of your coming-of-age time. Know you aren't into them yet cannot help but cross my fingers that you delight us, grace us with a memoir :-)